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From left to right: Sahasra Sambamoorthi, Jessica Perez, Karishma Shetty, and Andre Fludd at Lunar Celebrations 2016

Of particular note for our school this year has been the newly created arts management and arts education scholarship program. ​​

Incredibly talented artists of different backgrounds come and train in Navatman’s unique style of non-profit arts management - as performers, teachers, and managers. Each PAMP/PAEP scholarship student at Navatman, as it is called, has work similar to an advanced training program; each person spends their time learning while also contributing to Navatman. Depending on the week, of the many hours they spend working here, ⅓ of the their time is spent in practice and rehearsal/performance, ⅓ - ½ is spent working on projects at Navatman, and the other time is spent observing classes, training to teach, and taking on their own classes as they move forward through the program. Each gains a small very modest monthly stipend for their work, currently paid for by the Navatman School and your generous donations.

This program is absolutely critical to Navatman, because if you haven’t met them yet - Karishma Shetty, Andre Fludd, and Jessica Perez - are why Navatman has been able to work its hands into so many different projects. After 2-3 years, the idea is that they would be to be able to take this experience anywhere in the world for any organization, or perhaps even continue on at Navatman part or full time.
As parents and students who often reap the benefit of these hard working souls, we hope you may consider helping them in 2017.

​We are trying to subsidize the $35,000 we spend per year on this program by $10,000 to help pay for the rehearsal and practice space, dance and music training, workshops they take with master artists, stipends, and more.

Hear more from PAMP/PAEP scholar Jessica Perez: