<![CDATA[Navatman - 2016 Budgets]]>Wed, 21 Mar 2018 06:50:07 -0700Weebly<![CDATA[2016 Operating Budget for Navatman, 2017 Funding Request]]>Fri, 02 Dec 2016 23:24:37 GMThttp://navatman.org/2016-budgets/2016-operating-budget-for-navatman-2017-funding-requestNavatman Overall Operating Budget: $185,000
**Numbers have been rounded +/- 2% for clarity of understanding.

In 2016, Navatman worked out of an operating budget of around $185,000.

The vast majority of this - about half - goes to studio rentals, theater rentals, and basic costs of administrative maintenance (overhead).

That leaves around $60,000 for our teachers, PAMP/PAEP scholars, and our one full time employee (Sahasra Sambamoorthi).

We ask for donations to subsidize the cost of rehearsal space and studio space Navatman uses to train. 

Amount: $10,000

 Drive East Operational Budget: $34,000

In 2016, most of the funds for Drive East went towards the theater and artist compensation.

Zero percent of funds were used to compensate Drive East staff (who are Navatman staff) and barely 2% for marketing.

We are asking for donations for marketing, housing artists, and touring Drive East in 2017.

Amount: $35,000


$5,000 to provide housing for artists while they are here (currently they manage this themselves)

$5,000 for a proper marketing budget or publicist

$25,000 to tour Drive East to another city (we have had offers and currently have a set up lined up in one other city in the US) - this almost ALL goes to help compensate travel costs and includes hiring someone on the ground to help us out.

Navatman Music Collective Operational Budget

Revenue: $9,500
Expenses: $12,500
Navatman Music Collective had a very successful kickstarter campaign this year, allowing us to create an album.

For next year, $5,000 will help us create music videos and produce a new show with new compositions by the collective. It will be our second major show since our founding.

Navatman Dance Operational Budget

Revenue: $12,500
Expenses: $14,300
Navatman Dance this year has been pretty self-sustainable. However, this is because dance company members pay for rehearsal time, costs of extra space, our own costumes, jewelry, and more. Most of what we earn goes back to other outside choreographers and musicians.

We are asking for $5,000 for next year to help us pay for some of our videography, photography, choreography, and musician fees.

What are we asking for?

$5,000 for Navatman Music Collective
$5,000 for Navatman Dance Company
$10,000 for PAMP/PAEP Scholarship Program
$1,000 for a professional video camera
$35,000 for Drive East
$10,000 for video productions - a new project featuring cross collaborative work from artists around the globe in social activism - speaking to race, immigration, violence, and gender with dancer Srinidhi Raghavan

Total: $66,000 for 2017
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