Artistic Director:
Usha Raghavan
Srinidhi Raghavan, Sahasra Sambamoorthi
Music composition:
Sudharshana Arunkumar

"Her Story", hailed "brilliant and inimitable" ( portrays the lives of four women in Indian mythology - Kaikeyi, Devaki, Kannagi, and Andal. Recounting pivotal moments in the lives of these women, the dancers explore how these characters transformed the worlds they lived in through their ability to love unconditionally. History has judged these protagonists -- condemning, glorifying, questioning, and revering these women for their actions; however, in "Her Story", the dancers reinterpret these conventional perceptions and portray these epic personalities as women willing to challenge the world for those they love.

What audience members are saying about Her Story:
"...a magnificant performance."
"I am speechless to say how I was so totally taken to the spiritual realm that night. I felt like I dropped back to earth after the program ended!"

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